Orange County Kitchen Remodeling Tips and Ideas

Granite Kitchen — Remodeling and Renovation in La Habra, CA
Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen and wondering how to get that professional makeover look at an affordable price? Well, ACR Construction is the place for you. Our staffs are dedicated to effectively ensure that your remodeling is done to your satisfaction as we continue to serve the Missoula area loyally.

The kitchen is basically the heart of one's home and everyone uses their kitchen differently. Our expects at ACR Construction knows this and wants to share some Kitchen remodeling tips and ideas with you our valuable clients.
Kitchens can be in all shapes and sizes, which make remodeling a very difficult challenge whether you're working with an existing layout or starting from scratch. Our professionals think you should find an area that you can make the most impact like repainting the walls or adding new light fixtures, selecting your cabinetry for your kitchen should be done in the early process of remodeling. Check if there's anything you would like recycle from your current kitchen, you can get new ideas from home magazines or kitchen designers on what you should add to your remodeling list to give your kitchen that new look. When shopping for your appliances and other kitchen material, it is advised to not purchase second-hand items because these items may not live up to the period expected of it. Then calculate the total cost for remodeling your kitchen and learn money saving tips that will cut costs but not quality, of course. We recommend checking several stores before purchasing because you may find some items such as flooring, wiring, etc. cheaper in some stores than others.
If you are thinking about remodeling let us know and our creative skilled contractors will transform your kitchen into something breathtaking that will make you glad you contacted ACR Construction!


Increase the Value of Your Orange County Home – Remodel Your Bathroom Now!

Many homeowners underestimate the impact a quality OC bathroom renovation service can have on their home's value and for years bathrooms re-modelling have been neglected. We do understand that any sort of construction in your home is difficult to deal with, so, here are some bathroom remodeling tips and ideas.
1 Hire an expert!
When it's time for a bathroom facelift, its simple, the best experts will achieve the best results! Hiring a reputable company, with a trail of credible reviews and recommendations is always your best bet. They have the know how and quite possibly a few bathroom remodeling tips and ideas to get the job done and done right!
Granite Kitchen — Remodeling and Renovation in La Habra, CA
2 Creativity and a Solid Plan
This is where you get your money's worth with a tried and true expert. He will have the creative background to come up with great blueprints for your ongoing remodel. He'll also know how to make use of your limited or lavish space. A good expert will have a few choices for you to decide on, whether its just rearranging furniture or a full scale overhaul. Make sure you give clear and precise feedback at this stage of the remodeling process as this is where things tend to go down hill. Work with the crew to decide what you do and do not want. Get your creative juices flowing – this is the fun part!
3 Budget, Budget, Budget
A steady misconception is that bathroom remodels are costly and time consuming – it certainly isn't. Careful budgeting will outline what costs to expect and it can also help you determine if you can actually upgrade or add to your hearts desire. Take a look at you expendables and affordability of the items you're planning to install. Material costs shouldn't be the only thing in your budget. Labor costs and a little extra for unexpected hiccups should also be budgeted.

Searching for contractors online has many advantages, one being that they can advertise their areas of expertise while showcasing examples of their completed works. You can even read reviews and testimonials past clients! Try your luck and research some reputable contractors in your neighborhood today.
May 28


How Do I Know Which Orange County Handyman Is Right for Me?

Granite Kitchen — Remodeling and Renovation in La Habra, CA
Every now and then, you may need a little help around the house with repairs or maintenance issues. Sometimes it's just too difficult to do all the projects and jobs you have on your own. There is no need to worry. A handyman can help!

Handymen visit your home to fix things that you may not have the knowledge or ability to do yourself and there are so many professional handymen out there you can hire. But it is important to pick the one you are comfortable with and someone you think can do the best job. It's also important to note that not all handymen are carpenters, electricians,
or plumbers. Some confine their works to clearing brush, pool cleaning, yard work, mowing grass or general outdoor maintenance instead of indoor home repairs.
Here are some tips on hiring the right Orange County, CA Contractor for the job:

1. Take time to interview several home contractors in Orange Countybefore making a hiring decision. A contractor will be working closely with you in your home so you want to pick one that you feel comfortable around.

2. Clearly define the project. Start by compiling a list of the home repairs you would like completed and have it in writing. Be clear about the times you expect the work to be started and completed. It's extremely important to get all guarantees in writing.

3. Ask around. Neighbors who would have had similar jobs done are always a good place to ask for contractor recommendations. Friends and family are also good resources too. Ask about years of experience and areas of specialization. Always make sure the potential handyman has the skills and experience to complete your project.

4. You'll want to avoid contractors who contact you with unsolicited phone calls or audacious visits to your home. You should also avoid any contractor who asks for payment upfront. Reputable workers don't expect to get paid before the project is completed.

5. Ask for a guarantee. Many contractors will guarantee their work for up to one year. Ask about guarantees before you make a hiring decision, and of course, also make sure the guarantee is in writing.

6. Inspect the completed work before making payment. Make sure that everything has been done to your satisfaction and at the agreed upon price. Again, all reputable contractors will be happy to explain the finished work because they want you to be satisfied.

Remember, a contractor is best utilized for small jobs such as installing light fixtures. If the job requires pulling a permit, or moving plumbing or electrical wiring, you should consider hiring a contractor.
May 28


Choosing the Right Tile for My Orange County Kitchen or Bathroom

When it comes to choosing tile for your kitchen or bathroom, the overload of selection makes what should be an exciting decision seem daunting. With a such a wide variety between sizes, material, glazes, hand crafted or factory made, Italian or French, it is overwhelming! Well, there's good news. We've got some tips for you to consider. Here's how to choose the right tile for your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project.
Consider the Application
When beginning the tile installation process, a consideration for the application must be contemplated. What surfaces are going to be covered? Are they floors, counter tops or walls? Fragile materials like glass are recommended for walls or backsplashes. Materials known for their durability such as stone, ceramic or bamboo can be used for floors or counter tops where there's much traffic.
Granite Kitchen — Remodeling and Renovation in La Habra, CA
Consider What Size of Tile You Need
This is usually the first question that pops into your mind before making your selection. In theory, tile does come standardized sizes but it shouldn't be an issue since it can be cut into smaller pieces at any time. However, this should be considered in order to save time and money. The time your tile layer will take to cut down bigger slabs of tile could have been used for something more important. Moreover, if planning to install tile at a more expensive price point, you might lose some of it during the cutting process. Deliberate on the size of tile you'll need for the space and check with your tile dealer in the event of you need a customize size.
Consider Your Budget
The cost of tiles will vary depending on the material, size, shape and special preferences. Its important to note that the tile won't be the only item in your budget, so choose wisely. A carefully thought out budget that has a reasonable sum for your chosen tile and installation cost will always keep you within budget.
Mar 07


A Kitchen Renovation To Tell Your Friends About

Let's face it. If you live in Orange County you've likely got some friends you would like to show off to. In this kitchen renovation job we recently completed we did a complete overhaul of the not so exciting blue tile they had and added a nice wooden tile. We also added brand new cabinet and a beautiful chandelier.
White Kitchen — Remodeling and Renovation in La Habra, CA
White Kitchen Design — Remodeling and Renovation in La Habra, CA
Our clients were very happy with the final project. Fore more information about our kitchen, bathroom, shower, and tile renovation work check our site out!
Feb 19


Yet another Orange County Kitchen Knocked out of the Park by ACR

We are excited to show you a kitchen that we recently worked on. We did a complete counter top replacement and cabinet install. We also replaced the kitchen sink with a brand new sink that the owner of the property had chosen earlier.
Wood Kitchen Design — Remodeling and Renovation in La Habra, CA
Wood Kitchen Design — Remodeling and Renovation in La Habra, CA
Wood Kitchen Design — Remodeling and Renovation in La Habra, CA
If you like our Orange County kitchen renovation job please give us a call!


A Different Type of Job – A Local Kitchen Remodel we did in Orange County, Ca

Kitchen Remodeling Examples:
We were recently hired to do a kitchen renovation in a small region of Orange County known by Brea. We were extremely happy with how this job turned out. Our customer wanted a completely new kitchen so we installed new cabinets, tile, and gorgeous counter tops. The customer was extremely happy when we revealed their finished kitchen.
More Pictures
Feb 06
Wood Kitchen Design — Remodeling and Renovation in La Habra, CA


More Pictures from Recent Bathroom Renovation Jobs in Orange County

In these bathrooms the clients wanted a classy, open shower. After going over the possibilities we all ultimately decided that the bathrooms below would match with the overall theme of the house. The customers were ecstatic with our work. Take a look at the pictures and let us know what you think. Give us a call if you are looking for a professional and affordable bathroom remodeling contractor in Orange County.
Feb 06
Bathroom Design — Remodeling and Renovation in La Habra, CA


A Recent Bathroom Remodeling Job we did in Orange County

We had a job in Southern Orange County a few months ago. It was a shower and tile install.
You can see in the following pictures that we completely removed their old bathroom and added in a gorgeous glass wall. The tile we put in was also a special tile that we had to find for this job.
Bathroom Design — Remodeling and Renovation in La Habra, CA
Let us know what you think of our work and give us a call anytime you need an Orange County bathroom renovation.