When it comes tochoosing tile for your kitchen or bathroom, the overload of selectionmakes what should be an exciting decision seem daunting. With a sucha wide variety between sizes, material, glazes, hand crafted orfactory made, Italian or French, it is overwhelming! Well, there’sgood news. We’ve got some tips for you to consider. Here’s how tochoose the right tile for your bathroomor kitchen remodeling project.

Consider the Application
When beginning thetileinstallation process, a consideration for the application must becontemplated. What surfaces are going to be covered? Are they floors,counter tops or walls? Fragile materials like glass are recommendedfor walls or backsplashes. Materials known for their durability suchas stone, ceramic or bamboo can be used for floors or counter topswhere there’s much traffic.

Consider What Size of Tile You Need
This is usually thefirst question that pops into your mind before making your selection.In theory, tile does come standardized sizes but it shouldn’t be anissue since it can be cut into smaller pieces at any time. However,this should be considered in order to save time and money. The timeyour tile layer will take to cut down bigger slabs of tile could havebeen used for something more important. Moreover, if planning toinstall tile at a more expensive price point, you might lose some ofit during the cutting process. Deliberate on the size of tile you’llneed for the space and check with your tile dealer in the event ofyou need a customize size.

Consider your Budget
The cost of tileswill vary depending on the material, size, shape and specialpreferences. Its important to note that the tile won’t be the onlyitem in your budget, so choose wisely. A carefully thought out budgetthat has a reasonable sum for your chosen tile and installation costwill always keep you within budget.

Mar 07