Every now and then,you may need a little help around the house with repairs ormaintenance issues. Sometimes it’s just too difficult to do all theprojects and jobs you have on your own. There is no need to worry. Ahandyman can help!

Handymen visit yourhome to fix things that you may not have the knowledge or ability todo yourself and there are so many professional handymen out there youcan hire. But it is important to pick the one you are comfortablewith and someone you think can do the best job. It’s also importantto note that not all handymen are carpenters, electricians, orplumbers. Some confine their works to clearing brush, pool cleaning,yard work, mowing grass or general outdoor maintenance instead ofindoor home repairs.

Here are some tipson hiring the right OrangeCounty CA handyman for the job:

  1. Take time tointerview several homecontractors in Orange County before making a hiring decision. Ahandyman will be working closely with you in your home so you wantto pick one that you feel comfortable around.
  2. Clearly define theproject. Start by compiling a list of the home repairs you wouldlike completed and have it in writing. Be clear about the times youexpect the work to be started and completed. It’s extremelyimportant to get all guarantees in writing.
  3. Ask around.Neighbors who would have had similar jobs done are always a goodplace to ask for handymen recommendations. Friends and family arealso good resources too. Ask about years of experience and areas ofspecialization. Always make sure the potential handyman has theskills and experience to complete your project.
  4. You’ll want toavoid handymen who contact you with unsolicited phone calls oraudacious visits to your home. You should also avoid any handymanwho asks for payment upfront. Reputable handymen don’t expect toget paid before the project is completed.
  5. Ask for aguarantee. Many handymen will guarantee their work for up to oneyear. Ask about guarantees before you make a hiring decision, and ofcourse, also make sure the guarantee is in writing.
  6. Inspect thecompleted work before making payment. Make sure that everything hasbeen done to your satisfaction and at the agreed upon price. Again,all reputable handymen will be happy to explain the finished workbecause they want you to be satisfied.
Remember, a handymanis best utilized for small jobs such as installing light fixtures. Ifthe job requires pulling a permit, or moving plumbing or electricalwiring, you should consider hiring a contractor.

May 28